Lifestyle Galaxy’s Bitcoin Cash Mine

Take a look inside and learn about our newest and latest Bitcoin Cash Mine.

Ant Mine Units

The success of our Bitcoin Mining is attributed to the hundreds of S9 Ant Mining Units visible on the shelves of our mine. These units are the property of the multiple owners who acquired this equipment as a result of the contracts they purchased.

GPU Graphic Cards

The mining equipment seen here referred to as GPUs (Graphic Processing Units), enable Mining Owners to mine multiple alternative coins. The alternative coins currently being mined are Ethereum, Expanse and ZCash. The Company will explore mining additional alternative coins in the near future.

Server Room

The ‘Hub’ of the Mining operation is the Server Room from where all productivity of the various S9 Ant Miners and GPU’s are monitored. Permanent staff are on site 24/7/365 to ensure peace of mind for the Mining Owners. The staff manning the Server Room are highly capable and seriously dedicated to the smooth running of the Mining Units.

dragon coin


This part of your Mining Equipment is kept cool by means of major ventilation fans in an area strategically chosen where temperatures are rather cooler than hot. Every piece of equipment is treated with utmost care to ensure that your mine can run smoothly 24/7/365.

dragon coin

Power Supply

It is of vital importance that the Power Supply to your mine is in check to allow your mine to be running without interruption. Our unique plants are fitted with regulated power supply which provides huge benefits when it comes to keeping the electricity costs to a minimum.

Video Walkthrough

The physical walkthrough and live voice testimonies to the effective operation of our mining equipment, is in service of the thousands of Mining Owners all around the Globe.

Happy Customers

As seen on the faces of the representatives from around the Globe, it is clear that they are all very happy customers! Their physical presence represents your proof that our mining operation is REAL!

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