NCCF Christmas Bucket Drive

Making of Buckets

Special Charity Interview with CFO Randy Prince and Helen Fraser from the Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation

Our CFO Randy Prince had the wonderful opportunity to speak to Helen Fraser, the Operations Director of NCCF Africa.

One of the special topic discussed was the recent Lifestyle Galaxy’s Donation for a very special cause. With our recent donation we had the opportunity to distribute 3000 Christmas Buckets full of essential groceries to Children.

Our Vision Statement

Making the World a Better Place

Randy Prince

“Our vision is to be Good Community Members who want to participate in as many charities as possible and of course, Make the World a Better Place.”

Randy Prince

CFO, Lifestyle Galaxy

Lifestyle Galaxy and The Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation collaborated together to bring a smile on children’s faces

What a fun day! You know what? Charity is not just about giving money it is about giving your time giving your love and showing your love to the community. And through the help of Lifestyle Galaxy and Nashua Children’s Foundation we are going to make 3,000 children happy.

Lifestyle Galaxy packed and loaded everything we could deliver the buckets to the children who deserve them the most

At Lifestyle Galaxy we believe in the love of giving. It’s Christmas and what’s better than giving? And we also believe it is important to do it throughout the year.

We thank our Management to make it all happen. We also thank all the members at Lifestyle Galaxy and Nashua Children’s foundation and most of all our contributors for making it all happen.

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