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Ken Brough?

BikesHi, this is Ken Brough, Chief Executive Officer for Lifestyle Galaxy. I have been very excited ever since we decided to hold the Lifestyle Galaxy 2019 International Awards and Gala in Cape Town, South Africa. I travelled to South Africa a few years ago and loved what I saw, but Andrew Eaton kept me very busy right up until my departure. I was determined this time to see a bit more of this amazing country.

Most of the members know about my passion for motorcycles. I love riding road bikes and off­ road bikes, old bikes and new bikes. You can imagine my excitement when I found out that Africa has some of the best motorcycle touring country in the world. I was determined that I would discover more of this wonderful adventure from the back of a motorcycle.

With professional guidance from one of our members who runs motorcycle adventure tours, I came up with the following (tentative) plan. I will road ride (no off-road) in a 4-day loop beginning and ending in Cape Town just before the Lifestyle Galaxy 2019 International Awards and Gala, August 23-25. The plan is to pack four days with interesting locations, amazing country, people, animals, food, fun, friends and great motorcycle riding.

Bikes on the road
I know that we have Members, friends and family in both Africa and South Asia who might be interested in riding with me. I am finding who that might be and how large of a group we are talking about. This is not a commitment and is not a final answer, but I just need to know what the interest level is.

If we move forward with this, we will gather more information and finalize the details. For now, just indicate your interest, if you are serious about participating.

Ken W. Brough

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